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Otake's erotic audio

Otake's Dildo Updates and the Shipping Schedule

With shortages of workers due to the pandemic, the manufacturing has been dragging down. However, Otake's Dildo has finally finished production. The pictures below are taken by the QC, before the quality inspection.

The sample for production is in the middle, and the finished products are on both sides. You can see how the coloring and the hair are alike, as if the three came from the same mold (they are).

As the quality is as expected, the workers put them into bags for protection.

Now that the quality inspection has finished, Otake's Dildo will be send to packaging next. After this stage, it will be ready for shipping.

Pre-order will end on May 22

From now to May 22, you can still pre-order Otake's Dildo, and if you purchase during this period, you still get the privilege to buy wall scrolls with a 33% discount.

Survey for the intention of adding wall scrolls

In order to ensure that everyone can purchase their favorite design, please help us to filling out the survey.

Please fill out the survey according to your actual needs.

Redeeming Otake's Dildo

Starting from 5/26, we will send you an invitation letter to the email address you left when you placed your order. In it, you will find the redeem code for the Otake's Dildo and further instructions.

Whether you are among the first 200 pledgers, all products include life illustrations.

Once you have redeemed your product, please choose your shipping method and address. The shipping fee will automatically calculated. You will have to make the payment before shipping.

Starting from Jun 6, we will ship the established orders.

Wall Scroll Unlocked 🎉

Congratulations! You have unlocked the stretch goals of 600, the Otake wall scroll. Thank all you folks, Otake's fur-iends.

We have made all 3 of the illustrations to wall scrolls, which are available for you to purchase with a discount.

These wall scrolls that are made as stretch goals will not be available to purchase after selling out.

You can add these wall scrolls into your order before shipping.

What's Next

Next stretch goal for 800 pledges is Otake's erotic audio. Yes, Otake doesn't speak much, we get that. However, we wish to record some of his best moaning for you.

Firmness test

Firmness is essential to dildos. For a more smooth experience when taking in Otake's Dildo, we have aimed for a softer feel, which can be compressed and bended with ease.

The following video clips show how different parts of Otake's Dildo can be compressed. Due to YouTube's community guidelines, please sign into YouTube to watch the third and the fourth clips.

Thanks for your pledging 🎉

The first stage of Otake's Dildo crowdfunding has ended on Jan. 28, 2022. Otake's friends from all over the world has contributed 515 pieces of his dildo, which is enough to kickstart the mass production.

Takemoto san and the Exotica Team are deeply thankful to all you enthusiastic folks, for you have pulled this dream into reality.

To say thank you to all of you, Otake's life illustrations, which were limited to the first 200 pledgers, will be available to all pledgers. Thank you.

What else to expect?

Otake's Dildo crowdfunding -- now pre-order -- is on-going.

We will gather more goodies for additional purchase at a pre-order only price. Please be patience.

We still need your help to spread the news. Get all your friends in the know of Otake's Dildo.

Group purchase has ended

As the number of orders increasing, we have to stop accepting group purchasing.

If you have garnered enough friends only to find this announcement, please contact us. We will see what we could do.